Many people, both male and female and young and old, are the unfortunate victims of unwanted and premature hair loss and this is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. The multiple causes of hair loss can be down to individual issues including dietary factors, medical problems and lifestyle choices and a large section of the population will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. In spite of their best attempts to fight it, most attempts will not resolve the condition. This can lead to immense distress and can even have more serious psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

Some think that hair replacement surgery is the only option but this is a false assumption because there’s a new product available today that can reverse the effects of hair loss with quite incredible results. This product is called Nuviante and it can increase hair growth within a short time frame to restore a proliferation of strong and healthy hair. When considering options for preventing hair loss and encouraging new hair growth, Nuviante is one of the best solutions that have ever been seen. Here are further details on what Nuviante is and how it works.


What is Nuviante?

Nuviante is a wholly natural nutritional supplement manufactured by a company called Bellavei, which is located in Singapore. In addition to producing Nuviante, Bellavei sells a variety of other health and beauty products to help customers regain a youthful appearance that’s full of vitality. Nuviante is supplied in a small bottle that contains 60 capsules, which are made up of essential vitamins and nutrients. The recommended Nuviante dose is two capsules a day and, following this regime, will provide the following benefits within a short space of time:

• Thickening and strengthening existing hair
• Repairing hair that’s been damaged
• Decreasing hair loss
• Increasing the growth of new hair.

According to Bellavei, these benefits have been clinically tested in their initial trials prior to launching Nuviante so the results can be taken as scientifically proven. In fact, the results from the clinical trials were so successful that, in the company’s own words, Nuviante is ‘amazing’!

[strong]How does Nuviante work?[/strong]
The formula used within Nuviante contains a potent combination of ingredients to grow and maintain strong hair, naturally reversing the hair loss process and counteracting the effects of thinning hair by encouraging hair growth that’s strong, thick and lustrous. Nuviante has no negative or harmful side effects whatsoever and is the perfect solution for those who want a healthy head of hair without undergoing invasive hair replacement procedures such as surgery. The Nuviante formula has a combination of powerful ingredients that can be taken together with other daily supplements and as part of a balanced diet. Significant improvements in hair health will be seen within 4 weeks of use.

Scientific research has proven that hair loss results from the presence of a specific hormone in the body called dihydrotestosterone. Nuviante’s ingredients counteract this hormone by binding to the androgen receptor of each hair follicle, which minimises hair loss and also helps new hair to grow. The combined active ingredients contained in this supplement work together to minimise the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone, stopping it in its tracks. This is achieved without any unnatural ingredients or unwanted side effects. Once the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone have been minimised, the product works by nourishing thinning hair starting at the roots and promoting new hair growth. This is achieved according to 3 main principles of hair care, namely nourishing, strengthening, and regenerating.

Nourishing hair

First of all, the most important factor in any hair growth is encouraging its nourishment. The Nuviante formula is proven to nourish hair follicles by giving them the nutritional ingredients they need to promote healthy, and full, hair growth. This includes feeding the hair follicles with a protein extract which, in turn, releases natural essential oils needed to help stimulate thedesired growth.

  • Strengthening hair
    Next comes the hair strengthening stage, which adds vitality and thickness and repairs any damage that’s occurred. This is achieved through the vital amino acids contained within Nuviante, which protects hair from damage and stimulates growth.
  • Regenerating hair
    Finally, hair is regenerated by speeding up hair growth so that new, strong and healthy hair can be seen within just a few weeks from the start of treatment with Nuviante. The overall effect is to significantly reduce baldness and prevent hair from looking tired and grey.
  • The powerful ingredients contained in Nuviante
    Nuviante’s magic secret can be found in its ingredients of proteins, natural oils and a combination of marine polysaccharides. The active components are metabolised by the body then work their way into the hair follicles, promoting new hair growth. The product naturally prevents hair loss by means of the following ingredients:
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
    B5 is found widely in many vegetables, animal products including meat, plants, cereal grains, eggs, legumes and milk. Pantothenic acid is critical for the body and encourages it to completely process carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which all contributes to healthy skin, nails and hair. Vitamin B5 acts at cellular level to strengthen hair follicles, encouraging hair to grow by nourishing individual cells one by one. Taking B5 as a supplement also brings the added benefit of relieving an itchy and/or flaking scalp. This is achieved by keeping the individual hair follicles clean.
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
    Vitamin B7 plays a major role in helping the human body to build a healthy metabolism and is also significant for the creation of critical enzymes. This vitamin is frequently used on its own to strengthen hair and nails and, as a result, is also affectionately known by its nickname, Vitamin H (where H stands for hair!). B7 helps hair to grow more rapidly and the precise way it works is by helping in the synthesis of fatty acids, which is a process that’s vital for the growth of cells, including the cells that promote hair growth.
  • Para-Aminobenzoic Acid
    Para-aminobenzoic acid is a chemical contained in the vitamin folic acid as well as in multiple foods including eggs, grains, meat and milk. It helps to develop proteins in the human body and is frequently used to make they grey hair that comes with ageing grow darker. Its wider roles include producing younger looking skin and protecting the skin from sunburn so there are additional benefits to taking this product ingredient.
  • Horsetail
    Horsetail is a plant that can be found growing naturally in the wild. It has long branches with leaves stemming from the plant and these are frequently used in herbal medicine. The use of horsetail goes back as far as the Romans and Greeks and the American Indians also used it to treat a wide variety of medical complaints. Horsetail can stimulate the growth of hair and the reason behind this is the high level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties contained within this plant. Using horsetail promotes better circulation and this in turn leads to improved hair follicle health. The final result is to halt continuing hair loss and to stimulate new hair growth.

Since horsetail is also renowned for its function as a diuretic, increasing urine output, the body is constantly cleansing and detoxifying itself. Helping the body to cleanse itself leads to improved overall health and better circulation of blood which, in turn, leads to improvements in the condition of the scalp in general and individual hair follicles in particular. These improvements lead to hair follicles producing new hair, which ultimately prevents further hair loss.

Due to the silica content of horsetail, it’s excellent as a remedy for hair loss, rejuvenating the hair, adding sheen to the way it looks and strengthening the shafts. It’s often used in formulations with other natural ingredients as part of a herbal remedy for hair loss. Horsetail also contains significant levels of selenium and cysteine, which are renowned for preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. All of these active agents promote the health of hair follicle cells and prevent damage by free radicals.

Who should use Nuviante?

Anyone affected with thinning hair problems, balding and hair loss should use Nuviante. There are no age or gender restrictions so men and women of all ages can enjoy the benefits Nuviante brings. Since Nuviante is 100% natural, it shouldn’t interfere with any other medications or affect any medical conditions that an individual may have although anyone who’s taking medication or has a medical problem would be wise to check with their doctor before starting a course of Nuviante, just as a precaution.

Where can I buy Nuviante?

Nuviante isn’t available in the shops and must be ordered here online for the benefits to be enjoyed. This site is an approved retailer for this product and, to begin using Nuviante as soon as possible, simply click on one of the buttons on this website. From there, you’ll be directed to the secure online checkout to complete your Nuviante purchase.

Nuviante Reviews

1. Janet, 37
I first started to experience deterioration in the quality of my hair when I turned 30. At first I ignored it but, when I started to see my scalp that wasn’t covered by my hair, I began to really worry! I went to my GP but he said there was nothing he could really do and it was due to a hormonal problem. Apparently, correcting this problem with prescription medication could have negative side effects. I began to despair I would ever find a solution then, one day browsing online, I came across a link to this amazing product known as Nuviante. I hurried through my order and started taking Nuviante as directed as soon as it arrived. I have to say the results have been excellent and so fast I can’t believe my eyes. My scalp no longer has bald patches and my hair is growing thickly. For the first time since my mid twenties, I now have a full head of hair I’m proud of. Thanks to Nuviante’s incredible solution!

2. Helen, 61
As I started to age, the condition of my hair deteriorated and this seemed to become worse once I went through the menopause. Despite eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and not having any medical problems, my hair loss continued. I was beside myself with worry and felt embarrassed going out in public with my hair as it was. A friend told me about a new supplement called Nuviante that I might want to try. She said Nuviante could have a dramatic effect on my hair and that it was likely to reverse the effects of my hair loss. As I trusted her, I decided to give Nuviante a go and I’m so pleased that I did because using this product has given my hair a new lease of life and has turned back the clock by many decades for me. The effects could be seen within just a few weeks of taking Nuviante. My hair began to grow back in the patches that had been bald! Not only that but it was thick and shiny. I’m delighted with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nuviante to anyone who’s suffering with hair loss. You won’t be disappointed!

3. Terry, 49
While many men accept balding and hair loss as a natural part of the aging process, I found it exceptionally hard to accept that, in my mid-30s, I’d started losing my hair. I considered hair transplant surgery but didn’t want to go through the expense and pain of something so invasive. I became quite depressed and self-conscious about my hair problems and was at the point of giving up when I came across a product online called Nuviante that offered me help. The reviews were good and the cost was minimal compared to the benefits indicated, so I decided to give it a go. A year later, I’m stunned by the results! The most important thing for me is that Nuviante is all natural and all I have to do is take two small nutritional Nuviante capsules a day. My hair is now thicker and stronger and has started to grow in the places where it had stopped. I’m over the moon with the result and can seriously recommend Nuviante to others in my situation.